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Hey Babe!

If you're like I was, you struggle to consistently gain followers…
I bet you even get discouraged seeing Influencers with big followings...

Either way, this is going to be the most exciting and important thing you read, ever!

So get ready…

Im going to reveal the Secrets to Instagram Growth!

-Devin Bassett,
 Motherhood Inluencer and Mentor

Hey there! I’m Devin, a full time Motherhood Influencer and Wife. My Influencer income has allowed my Husband to quit his 6 figure job, but I actually failed on Instagram twice before...

Everyone in my feed was always working with different Brands....I would see them get free travel, furniture, supplements, strollers and restaurant dinners...They always looked so happy!
And here I was, my efforts werent even moving the needle...I was missing out on everything...

But I was still super inspired by their success, I knew it could be done...but HOW?

Naturally, I looked towards those that claim to teach...Yet they withheld their real secrets…

So instead, I gave into my relentless Pursuit...

Brands kept telling me no….some never replied...I tried and failed and tried more...

I began to have doubts...

I would think, “I have no idea how to grow my account to 10k, let alone 100k….
is my account just too small for Brands to work with me...?” 

 “I can’t do this...I don’t have enough followers, do people even like me?...”

Maybe I’m not enough, Am I the problem?...

But here’s the thing, I knew it could be done...I knew being an IG Influencer is the dream life. Theres literally nothing else that allows you to design your career around what you actually LOVE doing.

It was simple, I just had to figure it out...

That's when I ended up stumbling into the secret! 

And in less than a year, went from practically nothing to 100k+ followers.

It was like a dream come true...

After hitting just 10k Followers, it was the first time in my life that brands actually wanted to pay me!

I found the Secret to Instagram growth...
are you ready?

There was a "shift" in the Brands mind...

They WANTED to work with me!

This is how it works:

You know how Country Concerts are super cool if you like Country music? 
Everyone and their bestie goes...
The Concert brings this huge crowd of people together.

More importantly: The Concert attracts a crowd of like minded Country Fans

Believe it or not...
This is also the secret to Instagram Growth!
It’s not follow for follow, or shout outs or buying fake accounts or other little tricks or tactics that don't work...

In fact,
These are the exact strategies top Influencers, Celebs and Big businesses use to grow their following...
These strategies are simply,


Listen, If you’re reading this right now I know you’re interested in this information.

You're like me and understand that Influencing on Instagram is the most awesome way that you could work from home doing what you actually LOVE…

But you need a simple and easy way to grow your Instagram following to make that dream happen…

What I just outlined is…

“The exact method I used to go from 
practically nothing to 100k+ Instagram followers”

And in the process...
Produce enough income to allow my husband to quit his 6 figure job...
Travel with my family for free, eat at restaurants for free, furnish my home with super nice stuff for free, get a ton of cute clothes for free and even monthly shipments of super healthy food for my family for free...

So I think you and I both agree that Instagram Growth is one of the keys to ignite your career...
Today, you have the opportunity to learn these IG Growth Secrets I’ve uncovered…

The exact same strategies that Top Influencers, Celebs and big businesses use right now...

The Secrets are within the BRAND-NEW BOOK called, Instagram Growth Secrets.

"Instagram Growth Secrets" is the complete guide to learning everything you need to 

go from practically nothing to 100k+ Instagram Followers

Finally! The exact strategies Top Influencers, Big businesses and Celebs use to grow their following revealed!

So if you want to...

  • Instantly ignite your following 
  • ​Build your like-minded TRIBE
  • ​Land Collaborations as an Influencer
  • ​Grow your Network Marketing or small business

Then Instagram Growth Secrets is specifically for you!

For a limited time, it's only $67  $47

What Everyone else is saying...

What's included in the book?

Let's break it down...

  • Why you NEED to grow your Following!
  • Use THIS to grow your account with like-minded followers
  • REVEALED:  Super Juicy Secret to ignite your following
  • ​Do THIS to grab niche-specific attention 
  • ​SECRET: Use THIS strategy to attract potential customers to your business.

Want a preview first?

It might as well be a secret on how to do it, but it is no secret that gaining followers on Instagram is extremely beneficial. 

Whether you’re an Influencer, Business Owner or Network Marketer - you can leverage a social following in so many different ways! 
Think about it, if you are an attractive character, you create awesome, authentic content that offers value to your followers...and you have built a large, actively engaged audience...then it’s very likely these people relate to you, are inspired by you, trust you and ultimately will buy what you represent or promote. 

For us Influencers, this means more higher paying collabs. For business owners, more prospects you can convert into customers. For Network Marketers, more prospects to recruit or sell your products to, even collabs for you too! 

In this book I am going to be sharing multiple ways to gain followers on Instagram. These are the strategies that top Influencers/Businesses/Celebrities are currently using, the strategies they all want to keep secret...
  • Unlock the full version 
Look, I’m sure you can tell how excited I am about this book! It’s the Secret to Intagram growth, whether you're a business, a Network Marketer or an Influencer. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this made available to the public…

But the book isn’t the only thing you’re getting…


"Engagement Tips"

At the end of the Book, you’ll receive bonus engagement tips that show you...

  • HOW to keep new followers around long-term
  • ​What you NEED to do for your content to be seen organically
  • ​Use this HACK to get in front of your ideal customer/audience
  • ​Do THIS to build relationships and trust with your audience
You see, this  BONUS includes all my personal strategies that I use and have helped me succeed. 
I give them to you for free

Pretty cool, right?


The cost of the E-book is only $47 and you receive it instantly as a download.

When you place your order Today, This E-book will be emailed instantly and ready to download. No need to wait on shipping!

But hurry, this is a limited offer!

Look, I’m really not trying to rush you, I just ask that you take this one thing into consideration:

I only sell this E-book for so cheap as a Marketing test. I fully plan on paying more money advertising the book, than I actually make from the book. And I can’t tell you how long I’ll keep that up because I really don’t know.
Why, you ask?
Simple! My hopes are if you buy the book, see all the great value it offers, one day you’ll do business with me again. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering...

There is no catch!

Whatever doubts may be circling in your head…
Why is this so cheap?” 
I wouldn’t be able to do this...It would only work for other girls” 
I’m too busy I dont have the time.

Really whatever it may be...don’t sweat it.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

So I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything like that. 

Im just super passionate about this stuff and know this will help you out a ton. That’s really it :)


Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

“I guarantee you’ll love this book and it’s Bonuses or you can refund your $7.77 
and I’ll let you keep the book and bonuses anyway.”
-Devin Bassett

So yes…

You really are getting The E-book and all the bonuses for only $47, risk free!

But remember, this is a limited offer as it’s a Marketing Test.

If the test ends up a dud, I will have to increase the price. So you need to claim your offer now…

This offer will not last forever
Claim your copy now

It's only $67  $47

"Thank you so much for checking this out! Now go Ignite your Instagram following!"

Devin Bassett

  • @thebassettway
Wait, did you just skip all the way to the end of the page!? (dont worry, I do it too haha)

So here’s the deal,

Im giving you my Brand New Book, Instagram Growth Secrets, which teaches you 
how to grow to 100k+ Instagram followers
You only have to pay $47

*******But you’re also getting BONUS Engagement tips*******
  • HOW to keep new followers around long-term
  • ​What you NEED to do for your content to be seen organically
  • ​Use this HACK to get in front of your ideal customer/audience
  • ​Do THIS to build relationships and trust with your audience

This Bonus is my gift to you for FREE which you can use immediately!

I promise youll love this book and the bonuses! But if for some reason you dont...

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee, So it’s completely Risk Free...

However, it is a Limited Time Offer as it’s a Marketing Test. 

You don't want to miss out, so hurry while the offer lasts!

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